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Easy2Shop - shopping list, insert once, use endless
Easy2Shop manages your shopping list in a easy way. You've to insert all of your shopping items once. Next time you touch each item to NEED-State and activate your shopping cart.
I'm a fan of the popular Palm App HandyShopper. I tried to implement the main features of that great app.
Easy2Shop features are still growing. Please let me know, if you have any suggestions or input for me.

* multiple shopping lists
* quantity support (on/off switchable in settings)
* quantity fastswitching via contextmenu
* category support
* group your product items by categories
* fast scrolling
* searching for items by name or remark
* import / export csv-files on memory-card *
* force feedback by item clicking (on/off switchable in settings)
* units pcs, lb, g, kg, l, pkg supported
* remarks (adjustable in settings)
* NO in App Advertising

Your wishes & suggestions are welcome (sven.lau.apps@googlemail.com)

(People sometimes call shopping shoppinglist shopping list or grocery list)

Changes version 1.7.1
- Screen rotation are now supported. You could disable the feature in the settings, if you don't like it.
- A wish of many users: Now you could configure the colors of items and categories. If you're missing some nice colors, please let me know and send me an email.
- Thank you very much for all helpful suggestions.